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The city of Yazd is located 689 kilometers from Tehran, the national capital. Yazd is provincial capital, and it is the largest and the most inhabited town in the province. It is located in an extensive vally facing the central desert of Iran.

Its weather consiquently, is hot and arid in summer and cold in winter. In the fifth century AB, the sons of Abu-Jafar Kakoo settled in Yazd and city started its development by constructing the city's walls. The Atabakans more developed Yazd by building many schools and mosques, and during Al-Mozaffer's era, many water under ground canals were diggied to supply the water-need of the growing population.

During the Mogouls invasion (the 7th and the 8th century), many scholars and artists settled in this city for more protection, and many other schools and mosques were built then. Many monastries (pray places of the sufis) are still in this city which indicate its being a shelter for them during difficult times.

From the remaining of them, Beqaa Sheykh Ali Solayman in bidakhwaid, the monastry and the mosque of Sheykh Dada in Bonder Abad and the monastry of Sheykh Ahmed Fahhadan in Yazd are still exist today.

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