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Located in a large and flat plain, this city is located 1076 kilometers far from Tehran, the national capital of Iran. It has been a historical town and it is the provincial capital now. The township of Kerman is surrounded by a mountain chain which causes the variety of its weather, so the northern part of the city is located in an arid desert area, while the highland of the southern part of the city enjoys a moderate climate. This had caused the agglomeration of population and activities in the cities, towns and villages of the area.

There are many evidences which prove that this city has had a long history. It was mentioned by the Greeks by the name "Karamani". It was built for the first time by an order from Ardesheer, founding father of the Sassanid Empire and for this reason it was called "Ardasheer Khoreh". The Muslim Arabs called this place "Bardeseer" or "Bardesheer", and the Iranians used to call it "Guasheer".

Kerman City Ardesheer township of Kerman Karamani

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