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Bandar Abbas (Abbas port) is 1,484 km. far from Tehran. The climate of this region is hot and humid. This port was called "Jordan Port" in 1555 AD. and was a small village opposite to northern coast of Hormoz island. In the year 1514 AD., Portuguese selected this village as land based point for cargo loading. Due to abundance of crabs in this area, it was called " crab port". In 1622 AD., Shah Abbas cut the hands of Portuguese from this port by the help of England and in honor of this victory, this port became famous as Bandar Abbas. English and the Dutch constructed several beautiful buildings for commercial purposes. Most of commercial huge ships, which carried cargo for Iran and Ottoman from India, anchored in this port. The Dutch, in the year 1741 AD., constructed a new city in the midst of Bandar Abbas with permission of Iran Government. In the first half of 17th century, East Indian Company was established in this city. But, in 1759, due to convulsive condition, this company transferred this commercial center to Basra. Bandar Abbas and its appurtenances was leased to Sultan of Masquat according to a contract in the time of Nader Shah. After an upheaval happened in 1868 in Masquat, this contract was canceled and the city came under administration of Iran. Presently, Bandar Abbas is capital city of Hormozgan Province and it is one of the most important strategic and commercial centers of Iran in the Persian Gulf and Omman Sea. Shahid Rajai Jetty Complex is a very huge landing place through which major barter of goods between Iran and other countries is accomplished.

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