The island of Hormuz is one of the special wonders of the Persian Gulf

The island of Hormuz known as the Red Beach is located in southern Iran. It is on the shores of the glacial waters of the Persian Gulf forever. Continue with us to get acquainted with the Red Sea Coast of Hormuz Island. 

Where is Hormuz?

The beautiful land of Iran, which is famous for the four seasons, has a variety of natural attractions. You can visit from the lush green forests of northern Iran to the southern Iranian desert. And the pleasurable cold of western Iran and the dry east of Iran, and all four seasons Experience together. 

Iran is one of the countries in the world. It ends in the north, by the Caspian Sea and its south, by the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman to the unlimited waters. The Iranian people have traveled to the shores of these seas. And have repeatedly seen the beautiful scenery of these areas.

hormuz island

Perhaps, in your opinion, these beaches in the north and south of Iran are no different. And all of these beaches are similar to each other; therefore the reality is other than this. One of the beaches in southern Iran, as well as a world-renowned, is a shoreline in the Red Sea, which is less known in Iran.

This beautiful beach located on Hormuz Island renowned for the Red Beach. And is home to foreign and domestic tourists who travel to the area for an amazing surprise.

Hormuz island map

There are several islands in the Persian Gulf. One of these islands in the province of Hormozgan, is a small island of Hormoz. It has a very special beach. On the shores of the island of Hormuz, the waves of water are red and you will be amazed by this view.
Due to the presence of minerals, the island of Hormoz has soils in different colors, especially red. This is why the color of the water waves on the island is red.

Hormoz History

Hormuz is the name of the authentic port city in the province of Minab with the Persian Gulf. Current Minab built on the ruins of this port. Early Hormoz had a thriving trade in the early Mogul era.

With the invasion of the Moguls in 700, the people of Hormuz originally referred to Qeshm Island. And then to the island of Hormuz, which at that time called Zuron (the name of Jaron, which later became the name of a port city in the present place of Bandar Abbas, therefore called the Portuguese pronunciation of the Harbor Gembron). They migrated and built a city and named it Hormuz in memory of their old city.

Gradually, throughout the centuries, the city gave its name to the whole island. And the port of Jaron (Gembron next) borrowed its name from it. The greatness of the city and the island of Hormuz was such that the center of the Persian Gulf provinces, including Bahrain, was two centuries later until occupied by the Portuguese.

In 1622 Shah Abbas seized the island of Hormuz and the southern coasts of Iran in the Persian Gulf from the occupation of the Portuguese and destroyed the cities of Hormuz and Gembron and built the current port of Abbas on the ruins of Gembron. Hormoz today has nothing to do with the past flourish.

Hormuz island geology

The level of the island of Hormuz composed of sedimentary and volcanic layers. The salt floors covered with hills and cover most of the island and are often salt-edible. Its tallest point is 186 meters above sea level and its largest diameter is eight kilometers.

The extraction and exportation of the Red Soil of Hormuz Island is one of the most important sources of income for the people. Blue salt and cartilage rock are among the other mines in the island. Hormuz is the center of the island of Hormuz. The island does not have fresh water and its drinking water comes from Bandar Abbas.

The island of Hormuz known among geologists for being a variety of different soils and of high diversity. It is known as the Paradise of Geology. Hormuz Island includes hills and volcanic and salt mountains. Its highest point is 210 meters. It surrounded by plain and flat plains, and its red soil and white salt mines have a great reputation.

Red Beach Island

The red soil on the island is of high economic value and used not far from the soil in various industries such as painting, cosmetics, glass and ceramics, and this valuable soil exported to other countries, which, thankfully, export this Soil limited to prevent the loss of this unique soil.

hormuz island

You can take a variety of activities to explore this beautiful beach. And see the attractions of the city to create memorable moments for yourself.
Enjoy being on the island by doing the following activities:
Walking on the Red Beach, watching sunrise, sunset, photography, and water playing all these activities can bring you unique memories.

Why is the beach color of the island of Hormuz red?

The entire color of the island of Hormuz caused by the presence of an element, therefore it is an iron oxide element that is present in 70% of the island's red soil, and it's colored in this way. Hormuz Island is considered as one of the world's largest mines of the Red World, and it has about 40,000 tons of which each year it can extract 1,800 tons.

hormuz island

Perhaps you've heard this talk and wonder why the Red Hormuz soil can be eaten. If you've heard the sentence. It's true that the red soil of this area is nutritious and you can taste the taste of the beach and taste it.
It should be said that there is no concern for you to eat this soil because if you do not feel it yourself, you will eat it in local cuisine. This soil, known among the locals as Golak, has many spices in the area.

Hormuz Wonders

People in the area use this soil to cook fish and bread and prepare pickles, jam, and sauce as spices and make them create a special taste for their own dishes. One of the famous mouthpieces of the area is the Svragh which cooked with these special spices and is very tasty.


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