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Is it safe to travel to Iran?

Iran And Safety Issue For Tourists

Safety had been the first issue comes to mind for many travelers when I was talking to them. They claim that they had not expected things in Iran as it is in reality. Media have bold Some tiny, inconsiderable issues that some might not related to safeties. They had made them doubted and confused. It drives me to write about some details taking it into account. Is Iran exactly safe country or not?

Why Has It Become A Question?

Yes! Iran is safe. We would even dare to say that it’s one of the safest countries to travel and clearly the safest in the region. In the speech of planning a trip to Iran for many, the first issue is safety in Iran. Things get more difficult when huge differences make it hard to know which side to believe. The always-negative anti-Iran media side? or the overly happy and satisfied visitors who were obviously expecting a lot less than they thought? When it comes to safety in Iran, the line doesn’t even get thin

Carrying Money As A Tourist

In Iran, due to some financial sanctions, credit card or visa card don't work. So travelers should pay money in cash. If you will stay at a hotel, leaving your money in your room or in the safe box. Nothing will happen. Many tourists do that all the time. But if you’re staying with locals or in cheap hostels then you’d probably want to carry it around with you. If you’re using a backpack, make sure you wear it in front of you so you’ll have full control. I highly recommend it if you’re going through busy areas such as the bazaar. But above all be alert at all times.

About Women And Girls

harassment of women in Iran is a thing! Unfortunately. It has gotten a lot less than before but it’s definitely an issue that needs to be resolved. It’s usually in the form of whispers and cars stopping at your feet while some overconfident driver tests his luck. In the case of foreign female travelers this hardly ever happens.

Sexual Assaults

There have been no reports on this ever happening concerning foreign travelers. If you’re traveling as a couch-surfer then you are fully aware of the risks and of ways you could avoid them. Anything that might happen elsewhere can happen here too. But I’ve seen many couch surfers and I haven’t seen or heard anything serious ever happening to them.

How About Terrorism Issue In Iran?

Terror-related crime is almost unheard of in Iran; however, some border areas are best avoided. Unlike some neighboring countries, ISIS or other terror groups do not have a presence within Iran. Iran’s strong military presence across the Middle East seems to make it relatively safe within Iranian borders.


Most of you who are reading this are probably quite aware that what media shows can change overnight depending on new politics. Like the government of Britain suddenly changing their advice on travel to Iran after the nuclear deal, as if the country was filled with suicide bombers and they all decided to leave just as the deal was sealed!


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