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How Transportation system works In Iran?

If you intend to travel to Iran independently, you should need to know something about transportation services in Iran. There are several choices such as airplanes, trains, or coaches. It depends on where you are coming from. As soon as arriving, affordable, low costs of high-quality public transportation may make you surprised.

The Option Of Taxi For Transportation In Iran

Taxies are available everywhere and common vehicles for transportation in Iran. You can either hail a private or a shuttle taxi. Shuttle taxies commute between the main destinations and squares of cities. So, the name of the main streets and attractions get to be an important issue for travelers. Sometimes to reach your destination you might need to hop on several shuttle taxies or rent a private one. It would be better to agree on a price formerly.

Highlights About Taxies In Iran

For a shared or a shuttle taxi, you can to the taxi stations on almost all the squares and most of the main streets of the city. Taxis are either yellow or green. They stop on their stations and wait for passengers. They wait on lines with the name of their destinations written on a sign ahead of the station. Drivers might sometimes shout the name of their destination to attract passengers.

How About Agency Taxies

Telephone taxis and agency taxis both are two other types of transportation. But today there is a new option especially for Tehran and some other cities named Snapp. It is the first online mobile application that let travelers commute within the inner cities. Due to its more affordable fares, It has become more common and alternative for telephone taxis and agencies. There are also some other applications that would be useful to be downloaded.

Before Using Subway And Bus Services

if you are going to use Tehran's subway and bus services, buy an e-ticket card initially. It can be used for both subway and bus. using the e-ticket for the metro will cost you less than purchasing a regular ticket for each trip. The e-tickets are easy to use since charging any amount. So, you don't need to stay in the purchasing queue for every trip you want to take.

Points about Buses In Iran

There is bus transportation in almost all cities in Iran. It is a good way to save more money and be among local people. Tehran has BRT (bus rapid transit) which is available at any time and day. You can print or save its lines map and carry with yourself during the trip. E-tickets also work out for buses throughout the city. Notice that each ticket card would be unique which means they work in the city that has been bought there. Minibusses in Tehran are almost extinct since the transportation system has been improved currently.

Get To Know More About Underground Subway

Metro in Tehran has four routes running in different directions. There is one extra line for Karaj. Subway is so economic option for travelers that let them fast moving around the city. But at first, you should know where you are going to go and then find its line via the metro map. Sometimes you need to change your train to move to another line number. The transportation maps on the train are Farsi but there are maps for international travelers in the stations. Keep in mind which its rush hours are really crowded at 7-9am and 4-7pm.

Transportation System On The Roads

Travel between the cities is advised to be done by coach or train. There are VIP buses for longer transportation that are more safe, comfortable and faster. To purchase the bus tickets there are both online way and buying in person at terminals. The websites are in Farsi and due to the sanctions, visa or master card don't work. So international tourists should use the second way.

Which Is Better; Train Or Bus

For transportation between cities, you can choose the railway as the safest transit. you can purchase a ticket for a shared wagon or a private one. There are 4 to 6 seated wagons that the seats turn into a bed for comfortable night sleep. Recently there are some luxury trains run between some cities like Tehran-Mashhad, Tehran-Shiraz. For the railways, terminals sell the tickets.

Transportation In Last Speech

travelers are usually satisfied with the transportation network in Iran. They often have a good memory of safety, quality and low costs of it. You can travel hundreds of kilometers between major cities on the air-conditioned bus only by paying a few dollars. Tehran-Gorgan railway is one of those spectacular routes in the world. Iran's pilots are famous for their skills. Generally, you can take advantage of different transport options such as taxis, buses, minibusses, bicycles, and subways in some major cities.


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