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Have you ever tried Iranian food?

When we go on a trip, food is one of the most important items which makes our trip memorable. In some countries, food is an important category in tourism, and as well as Iran is one of the countries which is famous for its foods. Persian cuisines are well-known all over the world and are served in aristocratic restaurants in big cities such as London, Los Angeles, Toronto etc. and it's an active and successful industry for those who want to invest. In continue, we will give you 8 reasons why you can't overlook Iranian food.

  1. Kebab, with Iranian chefs' recipe

    Kebab is a reputed food in the world especially in Arabic and Islamic nations. But, it is various cooked in each country. In Iran, Kebabs are cooked and served in a different taste from the similar ones in other countries. Kebab Koobideh and Kebab Barg are the two most favorite of Kebab in Iran. Also, usual trimmings such as basil (Reyhan) has a major impact on its taste. we suggest you Kebab and basil together. You can also try grilled tomatoes as a side dish and don't forget to drink doogh (one of our traditional beverage made with yogurt) after it.
  1. Biryani! Experience Muslims' popular meal in Iran.
    Biryani is Muslims' famous food in the world that almost everyone has tasted and enjoyed it. It originally refers to India and its name is derived from Persian language. We have different kinds of Biryani such as Kacchi biryani, Tehari, Beef biryani etc. Many love this food. Now imagine Biryani has been cooked with various spices and original Iranian saffron in Esfahan city in Iran. You must try it and see the differences with the ones in other places.
  2. Ghorme sabzi stew
    Ghorme sabzi also spelled as Qormeh sabzi is Iranians' favorite meal and of course has a specific position among the tourists that you can't overlook it of course with the domestic one. We Iranian believe Ghorme sabzi which is cooked in a domestic manner is awesome. So try that with Shirazi salad which is a mix of tomato, cucumber, and onion. By the way,   first Saturday of Aban in Iranian calendar is known as the international day of Ghorme sabzi.
  3. Fesenjan stew with duck meat and new flavor
    Fesenjan is a mix of materials when you see them separately you can't imagine that this delicious food ensues from their combination. It originally goes back to Iranian's northern regions and of course, it is made in almost all the cities all over Iran but we suggest you try it in the north.

  4.  Lubia polow (Persian green bean rice)
    It doesn't have a special combination and may you cook it with a little creativity, however, you can't refuse the Iranian one. Its attractive colorful design and fragrant smell especially with the french fries make you never forget this meal. Some regions know this food as Estamboli Polow and there is little difference in the recipe. Some families make it with only rice and tomato, some add potatoes to it and some families add meat and green beans. Mast Khiar (yogurt with cucumber) is one of the most favorite side dishes you can serve with Lubia Polow. You can also try different kinds of Torshi and olive instead. 
  1. Iranian Abgoosht that makes you a challenge
    Abgoosht which literally means meat juice is a traditional Iranian stew and it's very luscious and nourishing. It has a high range of healthiness and is a favorite food amongst Iranians and of course the tourists. Assyrian and Armenian Abgoosht are also other forms of this delicious stew. It has some preparations which make eating it more enjoyable. It has extraordinary trimmings that have been chosen with our ancestors precisely. One of these trimmings is Torshi which is complementary to Abgoosht. You can try different kinds of Torshi such as Torshi Liteh and Torshi Shoor which really whet your appetite.
  2. Domestic Gheymeh stew with eggplant
    Maybe when you look at the shape of this food you think it's the same as consomme but they are completely different. Gheymeh is made with lamb but because of changes in appetite and interest, you can use cubed chicken breast instead. We really suggest you serve it in an Iranian house as a guest. Its trimmings include eggplant and french fries also give you a massive enjoy. 
  3. Ghalieh Mahi (Fish stew)
    Seafood have their own fans but not for everyone especially the fish. Maybe because of the fish smelling or its flavor. 
    However, We have a suggestion for those who don't like fish to try at least one spoon of Iranian Ghalieh Mahi. I'll bet you will change your mind about the fish and you will love this food. It originally goes back to southern places of Iran. It has overfilled with Omega-3 and protein. 


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