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What Should You know Before Traveling To Iran?

Would you like to have a professional trip? Professional travelers throughout the world usually have an organized plan to decrease the risk of issues and problems, before traveling to Iran. Although most people prefer to experience some adventure and risky trips, they even have to collect some necessary information. These approach to traveling is referred to personality diversity. But here some general, useful highlights have been outlined below for every travelers and tourist.

1. Being Aware of Iranian Culture Before Traveling 

As you might know, Iranian peoples are famous for their hospitality and kindness. They are also religious people. These have contributed to the belief that guests are God's friends. As any religion have some rules, Islam has also some points and because of that, there are some important things among Iranian peoples like Islamic hijab, not to drink alcoholic drinks, pig meat, etc. that a tourist must know before coming. Observing the cultural norms of destinations helps tourists to feel more comfortable with their journey.

2. Obtaining a Visa

There will be countries that you’ll need special visas to get in. Usually, it isn’t too tricky to get tourist visas, but it’s better to check in advance! If you are a candidate for traveling to Iran, first of all, you should get sure about your visa issuance process. For different nationalities, there is a different process to gain a visa. Avoid any possibility of delay, hassle, or deportation by getting the visa in advance without stress. You will travel with peace of mind and will avoid any extra financial expenses. We recommend you to take a look at our article about Iran Visa to get more information. You can get an E-Visa for Iran from Iran Ministry of foreign affairs

3. Reviewing Travelogues And Others Experiences

Generally, to have a mind map before traveling, reading travel guidebooks, Travelogues and those useful comments on social media are offered to every tourist. There are a lot of good restaurants, transportation services, unspoiled attractions, well-known cultural attractions and digital services like useful mobile apps in Iran that you must recover it before traveling.

4. Choose The Right Season

It might take just a moment to google it but we really recommend you to do it before traveling. Some regions you’re better off avoiding during rainy season unless you’re a fan of a daily downpour and difficult traveling conditions. Iran is a four-season country that let visitors choose among several options.

5. Making A List Of Festivals And Events

Different types of events and festivals can usually provide visitors and tourists a good time to exchange culture and learning a lot of new things. There are several important festivals in Iran that could be fantastic for visitors especially foreign ones. For instance, Yalda Night, Ashura mourning, Nowruz ceremony, Chahar-Shanbeh-Sourie, etc. Don't miss them!

6. Have Your Money In Cash

Rial is the official currency, but all prices are in Toman. 1 toman = 10 rials

Unfortunately, in Iran due to some diplomatic and financial issues, there are not global bank services, credit card and so on. So, tourists should manage their money and have an organized plan for it. But the costs here are very affordable, especially for European and American tourists. So, carrying a lot of money would not necessary.

7. Checking Climate Of Iran

Although there is a separate article about the properties of Iran including climate condition explanation, you should be aware of this issue before traveling. Iran climatically is located in an area with a variety of climates.  We have three type of climate in Iran that includes: West Area, North and South Coast Line, Central Iran. After choosing your tour package and before traveling you should get more familiar with geographical properties in that area.

8. Have A Print Of Transportation Map

Don't waste your precious time on a trip! A bit of research online before you leave will also allow you to check fares, print transit maps and plan your itinerary.

tehran metro map


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