Our Vision

Touriar is an online platform and marketplace which provides first-hand tours with the best quality and a reasonable price. We have planned to introduce each and every country around the world in a way that they really are.


Our mission is providing a tourist with anything they need with the best quality, the best price and a 24/7 support. Performing tours with unique experiences. Booking all types of tickets for transport and hotel; and also presenting the latest information about the cities.

Our Story

My wife and I are backpack travelers and because of our extreme interest in seeing the world, traveled a lot. In our trips, we visited lots of places around the world and realized that there are also tons of beautiful places that are still unknown to the world. All of them have so many stories to tell that even some of us haven’t heard yet. When we were on the trip, we saw travelers who go to other countries much easier because those places were well introduced and also they could simply book their tickets for transport, hotel, etc.

All of these concerns made us create a place to introduce destinations as it is and also to facilitate the travel for tourists. We had the tool since we were a software company and had some products in tourism and travel agency field. I discussed this idea with my colleagues and they absolutely loved it. And it finally began!

We started planning to produce this platform. There were many problems ahead of us, sometimes we couldn’t find a way but we never got disappointed and took help from some of our friends who had expertise in this field and we passed and are passing the difficulties one by one.

Now, we are doing our best to provide the great experiences for all travelers and we will never stop trying.

what Touriar Offer

  • Book Tours
  • Best Price Guarantee
  • Safely Book Online
  • Professional Tour Guides

About Us

Touriar is a digital marketplace working in the field of tourism and travels. We try to solve problems in an innovative way and our focus is on helping all travelers to easily search, find and book the tours they seek and to begin their journey in the fastest way possible.

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