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Starry Sky of Persian Literature
Starry Sky of Persian Literature
Starry Sky of Persian Literature
Starry Sky of Persian Literature
Starry Sky of Persian Literature
Starry Sky of Persian Literature
Starry Sky of Persian Literature
Starry Sky of Persian Literature
Starry Sky of Persian Literature
Starry Sky of Persian Literature
Starry Sky of Persian Literature
Starry Sky of Persian Literature
Starry Sky of Persian Literature
Starry Sky of Persian Literature

Tour Highlights

  • A specialized Persian Literature tour
  • Get familiar with the history of Persian Literature
  • Get familiar with the thoughts of the most prominent Persian poets
  • Visit the most beautiful and most visited sites of Iran
AGE RANGE 10 to 99 year olds
Accommodation Hotel 
Max Group Size 8
Transportation coach 
Travel Style Literature  Historical  Special Interest 
Physical Rating VeryEasy

In this trip, we will go through the history of Persian Literature. Persian or Farsi literature with thousands of poets and writers is considered one of richest ones in the world. In this trip, we are going through the history and the spirit of Persian Poetry from the 10th century (4th century Hijrid) until today and its influences on the world literature. We will know about the thoughts of the poets like Hafiz, Saadi, Molana (Rumi), Ferdosi, etc who shine brightly in the starry sky of Persian Literature. Also, we will get familiar with the contemporary poets and writers who had a great influence on Iran's social and political movements during the past century. This tour will take you to 8 cities of Iran and it includes transport, accommodation, meals and an expert guide.

Tour Guide

Famous Person Mohamadreza Alimoradi English speaking tour guide
Famous Person Farzad Nasiri Le guide touristique de Francais
Famous Person Abbas Pirmoradian Deutscher Reiseleiter German speaking tour guide
Famous Person Mina Shakouri 中文导游 Chinese speaking tour guide

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Tour Itinerary

Arrival in Shiraz. You will be greeted by your guide and he will take you to hotel for check-in. After that you will go through the city. Nasirol Mulk Mosque, Vakil Complex (including a bath, a n=mosque and a bazaar) and Narenjestan Ghavam are the sites for today to see.
Today is the day that we start going to the heart of Persian literature. First, we go to Hafez Mausoleum to talk about Hafez's thoughts and what his poems are mostly about. We will have some poet reading in that spiritual atmosphere. There, you will see that how Hafez is connected to Iranians' every day lives. After that we will go the Mausoleum of "master of words", Saadi. This nickname is because some of his poems have become idioms and proverbs in spoken Persian. Then we head to the bazaar to buy souvenirs.
We leave Shiraz after breakfast towards Yazd but on the way, we will visit the magnificent Persepolis and Naghshe Rostam then continue to Yazd. In Yazd we will talk about Hafez's travel to Yazd and his homesickness. We will visit Amirchakhmaq Square and Jame Mosque, then we go Fahadan Neighborhood to see Alexander's Prison (this is what Hafez called this place). We will go to a nice traditional tea house. Overnight in hotel, Yazd
After breakfast, we go to see Zoroastrian Fire Temple. There, we will have some piece of Persian Mythology. After that, we continue to Dowlat Abad Garden. Then we drive to Isfahan. Hotel, Isfahan.
Welcome to the city of turquoise domes. Here, we will go through the condition of Persian literature in the 17th century as Isfahan was the capital of Iran during Safavid Dynasty. Here, we will visit tomb of Saeb Tabrizi, the greatest poet of that time. First of all, we will go to Chehelsotun Palace then Naghshe Jahan Square with Imam Mosque, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque. Now, it is the time to go to Saeb Tabrizi's tomb. If we can catch a poet reading gathering or something like that, we will take part. Overnight in Hotel. Isfahan.
Atiq Jame mosque and Vank Cathedral are the places we will visit before the lunch. With 23 hectares area and a thousand year old history, Atiq is the largest historical mosque and one of the oldest ones in Iran. Vank Cathedral is very nice church that is a combination of Persian, Islamic and Western architecture. After lunch, we are going to visit music museum. After that, if the timing is ok, we will go to a place of Persian traditional sports called Zoorkhaneh. overnight in hotel, Kashan
Early in the morning, we leave Isfahan toward the capital, Tehran. On the route, we will have a visit to the beautiful city of Kashan. We will discuss about a the old and contemporary poets of this city and will visit Fin Garden and Tabatabaei House. Then we continue to Tehran. check-in. Hotel, Tehran
Tehran, the capital of Iran is the largest and the most populated city of this country In contemporary time, Tehran has been the cradle of the most important events and revolutions. The revolutions which were greatly inspired by the words of great writers, journalists and poets. One of the most important events in Iran's history is The Constitutional Revolution that happened in 1909. In Tehran, we will go through the atmosphere of Persian Literature in those times and their influence in wakening the people's minds for a revolution. Shariar, Aref Qazvini, Malekoshoaraye Bahar, Iraj Mirza, Farrokhi Yazdi and some other poets are the main ones to talk about in Tehran. First of all, we go to Moqaddam House and then to Zahiroddoleh Cemetery which is keeping many of these poets and some of the most famous and influential artists in his heart. Then we go to the house of Houshang Ebtehaj. overnight hotel, Tehran.
Sites to visit for today: Golestan Palace which is a nice memento from Qajar Era and some the stories of Constitutional Revolution that you discussed the day before, have happened here. Then, we go to the glamorous Iran National Museum to see the antiquity of this land. After lunch we will visit the most beautiful and precious museum of Iran, Jewelry Museum. In there, you will see some of the finest and most precious pieces of jewelries on earth. Next destination will be a taste of modern Iran at Nature Bridge. overnight at hotel, Tehran
Early in the morning, we catch the flight from Tehran to Mashhad. Although Mashhad is considered a religious city, Khorasan Province has been the cradle of some of the most prominent classic and modern Persian poets of all time. Ferdowsi with his grand book, Shahnameh is the most famous one. Attar and Khayam and Akhavan Sales are the other ones. Actually, Khorasan was the first core of Persian literature after Arabs' invasion. The first style of Persian literature was formed here and it is called Khorasani Style and we're here in Mashhad to go through it. The first thing to do is to go to the mausoleum of the Ferdowsi. He who could save Persian language with his book, Shahnameh (literally meaning the story of kings). Then we will pay a visit to the contemporary poet Mehdi Akhavan Sales and the guide will tell you about his interest in Khorasani style and Ferdowsi. Nader Shah Afshar's mausoleum is the other place to visit. Nader Shah was the founder of Afshar Dynasty in the late 18th century. Hotel in Mashhad.
After breakfast, we will go to the exquisite city of Neyshabur which is for its rich turquoise mines. The city has been home to two of the most well known poets: Hakim Omar Khayyam who was an astronomer, mathematician, philosopher and poet of the tenth century. Khayyam is one of the most well known Persian poets in the west whose poems have been translated many times. The most famous translation of his poets belongs to Edward Fitzgerald, (31 March 1809 – 14 June 1883)an English poet and writer. For example this is one his translations of Rubaiyat Khayyam: 'Tis all a Chequer-board of Nights and Days Where Destiny with Men for Pieces plays: Hither and thither moves, and mates, and slays, And one by one back in the Closet lays. After learning a great deal about Khayyam, we will go through mysticism in Attar's Mausoleum. Attar is a great mystic and poet whose mysticism had so much influence on Rumi (Molana). Here, the guide will tell you about the history of mysticism and its influence on Persian Literature. Near this place Kamal ol molk is buried who was a great painter in Qajar Eran (19th century). The next plan is to get back to Mashhad and pay a visit to Imam Reza Grand Shrine to see Iran's holiest land for Shiis. Tonight, you will be the guest of Yargasht and we'll have a farewell dinner together to review our memories of this trip. Overnight at the hotel, Mashhad.
With a domestic flight, we will get back to Tehran so you can catch your flight to home. Note that you have the hotel until the next day at 12 pm. it is up to you and depends on your flight time to stay or check out. We hope you have enjoyed this trip. Farewell...

What's included

Full accommodation in 4 star hotels
Expert guides available in:
English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Chinese Languages.
Breakfasts and lunches
1 farewell dinner

Full transport with an experienced driver
Domestic flight from Tehran to Mashhad and Mashhad to Tehran.
Entrance fees according to the itinerary

What's Not included

International Flights are not included
Travel insurance is not included

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