Simply log in using the icon in the top right corner of Touriar website, then use the dropdown menu to navigate through your enquiries, bookings and account settings. If you do not have an account yet, simply click on the 'Sign Up' button to create one!
You can change your password and secure information by logging into your account and going to the settings page. Then, scroll down, to the Login & Security section, where you can enter a new password
You can unsubscribe from Touriar's emails by clicking the 'unsubscribe' link at the bottom of every email. Alternatively, you can log in to your Touriar Profile and visit your account setting in Touriar website to manage your email preferences.
To delete your Touriar account please send an email to us to have your details removed from our database or you can also do it by your operator dashboard.
Touriar serves a broad purpose to make bookings tours easy. As such Touriar is a number of things; A trusted platform for booking multi-day group tours with a huge variety of tour operators worldwide. We verify all Tour Operators, keep your payments secure and provide premium customer service at the best possible prices. A community of tour-loving travelers who connect using our apps and site features to discuss and enjoy the many benefits of travelling in a group. Our number one aim is to bridge the gap for travelers to experience the world on a fun filled group trip. Your 24/7 customer experience dedicated to tours. We focus on our specialty - booking group tours. Unlike traditional travel agents, we don’t book your cheap flights or hotels. Our Customer Support Team are experts in the tour business because they live and love this style of travel. You can book with confidence knowing we have first-hand understanding about group tours. Best of all, we’re always available. An actual human being will answer your call anytime, from anywhere in the world, 24/7.
There are many reasons to book a tour with Touriar, including: Over 20,000 tours to choose from. No booking or credit card fees. Best Price Guarantee Earn Unlimited Travel Credits
Touriar is open 24/7 and you can contact us at any time when it is suitable to you. We have numerous ways to contact us such as; our online chat functions, email or by phone. To see a full list of our contact information please see our website.
Touriar lists hundreds tour packages. Simply go to Touriar website, type your destination into the search box to begin discovering all your options. Once the page loads on the left-hand side you can filter your search to narrow down your options, by doing this it will make sure you find the perfect match for you!
On the left of your screen, simply select the month(s) in which you’d like to depart on tour by clicking each month. You will see that they will be highlighted blue and accompanied by a blue checkmark. You can highlight multiple months to keep your search as broad or specific as you wish.
On your left-hand side, you will see a section called “Duration” in which there is a blue bar that begins at 3 days and ends at 100+ days. Simply click and drag each white circle to adjust your minimum days and maximum days to suit your needs.
You can filter your search of tours by price, length of tour, must-see cities and tour style to find your perfect trip. We display tour itineraries, customer reviews & ratings, photos and also list what’s included in the price of the tour to simplify your decision making. So, if you’re dying to see Amsterdam, Barcelona and Prague, you can simply enter the city names under the ‘Must See cities’ filter and you’ll find all tours that go through there.
Simply click the “Select a specific date” box underneath the “Departure date” heading on the left-hand side of your screen. A calendar will appear, and you can select your preferred start date. Be aware that the chances of a tour departing on a specific date are very low, we always recommend user ‘+/-3 days’ option to see the largest selection.
On the left-hand side, scroll down to the section that says “Age Range.” Click each age range to view tours that are designed for that specific age group. You can select multiple age groups.
On the left-hand side, you will see a section called “Travel Styles” that has a colored line on its side. Click each style to view tours that fit that specific type of travel. You can select multiple styles.
On the bottom of the website page, you will see a section called “Must-see countries.” Click on each country to view tours that visit those places.
On the left-hand side, you will see that the last section to choose from is called “Operators.” Click to reveal a drop-down menu in which you can scroll through operators on Touriar. For even quicker access simply type the operator’s name into the field that says “Type to search for an operator.”
Wish List allows you to create short lists and share them with your family and friends. Here's how it works: 1. Find a trip that fits your Wish List and click on the heart icon that is placed in the top right corner of its image. 2. Log in to your account or create one, if you don't have one yet. 3. Select an existing Wish List or create a new one.
When you have found your perfect tour, you can book your spot. If you are already on the tour page, click the blue colored 'Book Now' button on the right-hand side. The 'Book Now' button will create a booking request to secure your seat. Your PayPal account will be pre-authorized for the payment amount, and only once your seat on the tour is 100% confirmed by the tour operator will we charge your card. For all booking requests, you can use the Touriar booking conversation to speak online directly with the tour operator, or with one of our customer support team members about the progress of your booking.
Once your place on a tour is booked, all you need to do is start the countdown to the time of your life! Our customer support team will be there to answer any questions you have after booking.
We always recommend you book your tour as far in advance as possible, when you know you are able to travel on the tour departure date. The reason being is, all tours have limited spaces so they can book out quickly and we would hate to see you miss out on a space on the tour.
A food fund is a cost additional to your base tour price that covers the price of included meals on your tour. Some food funds will need to be paid for at time of booking, while others can be paid locally.
A trip kitty covers the costs of local inclusions for your tour. On some tours and in different countries it is not possible to pre-purchase meals, accommodation or extras. For this reason, a trip kitty is required, so that the tour guide can make purchases on the road in local currencies. A trip kitty will need to be paid directly to your guide on the first day of your tour. It is an additional cost to the price of your tour and will be listed on your booking page.
A single supplement is an additional fee which you may be required to pay on top of your tour cost if you are solo and would you like your own private room. For the majority of tours, it is optional however some tours do charge a compulsory single supplement for solo travelers which will be stated either in the 'What's Included' section or the main booking page.
If a tour is almost fully booked or very close to the departure date, the status of the tour becomes ‘On Request’. This means that in order to request a confirmed space on this tour, Touriar will need to process your full payment up front. Then, a request for your place is sent to the local tour operators office to try and add you to this tour departure. It generally takes 2 to 3 business days to receive a response to this request as each hotel & supplier needs to be contacted and confirm availability. If space is available, you'll be booked and confirmed on the tour, if space is not available, then a full refund will be issued. When a tour is On Request full cancellation terms and conditions apply as soon as you make your full payment and the request is sent to the tour operator.
Many solo travelers choose to take group tours, in most cases, you will not be charged any extra fees and will be paired up in a twin share room with a traveler of the same gender however this can vary depending on the tour operator. Most tours will have a few solo travelers who easily make friends with the other travelers within the first days of the trip!
There are many reasons to book a tour with Touriar, including: Over 20,000 tours to choose from. No booking or credit card fees. Best Price Guarantee Earn Unlimited Travel Credits
The contents of your travel documents can vary depending on the tour operator you are travelling with however generally they will include: Tour voucher, itinerary, translated medical documents for who purchased medical tour package(s), a voucher for transfers and additional accommodation if required.
It is recommended to print your vouchers as well as having an electronic copy so that you have a backup copy when travelling. However, if you do not have the facility to print the voucher, an electronic copy to show your tour guide will be fine.
Arriving before the tour starts is not a problem, all you need to do is simply book additional accommodation for the nights before the tour starts. If you haven't already booked accommodation please contact our customer support team to see if this option is available for you.
All the prices on the Touriar page are per person, to see the price for multiple people simply click 'Book Now' and update the number of travelers by clicking either + or - before you enter the payment information.
Here at Touriar we work with over 500 different tour operators worldwide to bring you the biggest selection of scheduled, multi-city group tours available at the best prices and because of this, we are unable to specialize in customized private tours. Touriar is not a tour operator, rather a marketplace for scheduled group tours. Each tour you can see on the site has a dedicated tour details page where you can browse the details of the itinerary, the tour inclusions, as well as the available departure dates and their corresponding prices. Don't forget when browsing the tours on our website use the filters on your left to find a suitable package as you want.
Travel documents are sent by email 2-3 weeks prior to your departure and are provided in an electronic format however this can vary depending on the tour operator. To ensure the timely release of your documents please ensure your details are up to date for your booking, you can do this by selecting 'Add details' at the top of your booking page.
Touriar is an online marketplace where you can compare and book multi-day tours from some of the best tour operators in the world. However, some of the tour operators that we work with offer different tour packages depending on the region that you are coming from. If the tour is unavailable in your region, please contact our customer support team to help find an alternative for you.
Taking a tour gives you the chance to experience new cultures, both in the country you visit and amongst the nationalities of your fellow tour companions. You’ll make lifelong friends to share the memories of your trip with. Touring can also save you time, money, and stress. With transport, accommodation, activities and some meals all organized for you, you can spend more time enjoying your destination and let your guide worry about the details. Booking a tour also means you can budget accurately for the cost of your holiday, saving you money.
To see the details of the tour company who you will be travelling with, please click on the operator website link to open.
As every traveler has different spending habits, there is no set budget amount required. However, as a guideline, we recommend $50-100 a day knowing that some days you may not spend anything at all and other days you may buy souvenirs for family, meals and other activities.
To download a brochure for a tour, simply click the 'Download PDF Brochure' button on the website.
The Tour Operator tries to spend as little time as possible on the coach on all tours so you have more time to visit the places you enjoy. However, you have to remember it does take time to travel from one place to another. That being said, there will always be plenty of stops to visit places along the way and for toilet breaks.
The price of the tour can vary based on the departure date. To see the price please click the 'Check Availability' button on the tour page, and then choose the departure date you are interested in.
To see the price of the tour per person simply click 'Check Availability' on the tour page and then choose the departure date you are interested in.
To see all the available departure dates please click the 'Check Availability' button on the tour page.
If you already have the flights details needed for your booking, please enter them in the box on the top of the page on your booking conversation page.
To find out whether or not flights are included in your tour, please refer to the 'Additional Services' section on the tour page.
If you are joining the tour later or finishing the tour earlier that is not a problem, simply let our tour specialists know when you make your booking and we will advise the tour operator for you. Please note as the tour is a set packaged price the tour operator is unable to offer a discount for choosing to do so.
Touriar provides a free flexible payment option for you to pay by instalments, this means you can slowly pay down the balance of the tour, provided full payment is not due at the time the booking is made. You can pay instalments for your trip by logging into your booking page and then selecting the option 'Add Payment' on the page. When you select this option, it will provide you with different payment amounts, please select the amount you would like to pay and your payment method then select 'Pay Now'. This will then charge your payment method and when you refresh your booking page it will reflect the new balance on your account. You can also download an updated invoice directly from your booking page once your payment has gone through. The minimum instalment amount you can pay is stated on your booking conversation page. Please note that on the final payment due date the remaining balance will be charged, if there is a remaining balance left. Touriar cannot control any fees that may be charged to you by your bank related to Touriar's collection of payments, and Touriar disclaims all liability in this regard.
It depends on the tour departure date when you need to make the full payment. To find out, please go to the main tour page; click 'Check Availability'; choose the departure date you are considering, and then click 'Book Now'.
To change the payment type, all you have to do is follow the steps below: 1. Log into your Touriar Member Account 2. Once you are logged into your Member Account go to the "Settings" page on the website. 3. Scroll down to the "My Payment Methods" section and click 'Add Payment Details' 4. Enter your new -card- details and click 'Save to Vault' button
To make an additional payment on your booking simply click 'Add Payment' on your booking page which can be found on the right-hand side of the page.
Unfortunately, we cannot retroactively apply a sale deal to a tour that has already been booked and confirmed as the sale is decided by the tour operator. While we understand this is likely a disappointing situation for you, waiting for a price drop also has you running the risk of missing out on your place on your preferred departure date due to availability on many tours. It's not dissimilar to the airline industry, where it is also not uncommon to see a price drop after you booked your flight. The other risk of choosing to wait to book, is in fact, that many tour prices increase from one day to the next, it's the nature of the industry. If you have any other questions about this please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team.
Once you have a confirmed booking, it is not possible to change the currency of the booking and that same currency must be used to pay the remaining balance.
You can split the payment for your tour onto different payment methods by logging into your booking page and then selecting the option 'Add Payment' on the right of the page. When you select this option, it will provide you with different payment amounts, please select the amount you would like to pay and your payment method then select 'Pay Now'. You will also have the option to add new card details using this function. Once you have clicked 'Pay Now' your payment method is charged and when you refresh your booking page it will reflect the new balance on your account. You can also download an updated invoice directly from your booking page once your payment has gone through.
Touriar does not charge any fees for using a credit card when making a payment. However, as Touriar's head office is registered in Hamburg we do recommend contacting your credit card provider to see if you would be charged an international fee for making a payment to a company which is registered in Europe.
Touriar accepts payment via credit card including Visa, Mastercard and Amex. Please note Amex is currently unavailable to customers located in Canada, New Zealand or the UK. We also accept payment via PayPal too.
After paying your deposit, the final balance of payment will be automatically charged to your Credit Card or PayPal account on the due date. This payment is usually charged 30-60 days prior to your tour departure date. This varies depending on the tour you book so if you have already booked, please check your invoice or your Touriar Messenger page for the due date. If you are thinking about booking please go to the Book Now page for the tour and it is clearly stated there.
If a tour is almost fully booked or very close to the departure date, it will generally be ‘On Request’. This means that in order to request a confirmed space on this tour, Touriar will need to process your full payment up front because the tour operators need to send a request to their local offices to ensure there is availability for accommodation for every night of the tour. Because this is a manual process, it generally takes 2 to 3 business days to receive a response from all the accommodation providers. If there is 100% availability, you'll be booked and confirmed on the tour, if space is not available, then a full refund will be issued. Once a request is submitted to the tour operator, it is no longer possible to change your mind.
The currency displayed for a tour is based on the location you are in. For example, if you are located in Canada, the prices will be in Canadian dollars and if you are in Europe the prices will be in Euros.
The currency displayed for a tour is based on the location you are in. For example, if you are located in Canada, the prices will be in Canadian dollars and if you are in Europe the prices will be in Euros.
To apply a promotion code to your booking please click 'Apply Promo Code' on the 'Book Now' Page. However please note that promotional codes cannot be combined with the member savings discount.
There is no cost to holding a seat. However, whether this is available depends on the tour you are considering. Please go to the tour page and click 'Availability'. If the option to hold a seat is available, you will see a link called 'or Hold my space for 48hr.'
If you need to cancel your tour, cancellation terms and conditions are applicable. In most cases deposits are non-refundable. The additional cancellation fees generally depend upon how close to departure you cancel your tour. Touriar is bound by the terms and conditions of the tour operator agreed upon at the time of booking. Touriar does NOT charge any additional cancellation fees and will process any applicable refunds accordingly in case of cancellation. We highly recommend that when purchasing your travel insurance policy that you find out if your policy covers you in the event you have to cancel your booking making sure you know in what events they will cover you.
If a refund is required, we will return the required funds to the PayPal account by which you initially paid for the tour with.
Please be aware that Touriar is bound by the cancellation terms and conditions of the tour operator, so will only be able to refund the amount that the tour operator dictates as applicable to your cancelled booking. Touriar does not charge additional cancellation fees so will always refund any amount that the tour operator deems as applicable in case of cancellation. Refunds can take up to 7 business days to appear on your bank statement depending on the speed of your bank to process refunds.
When you submit a booking request Touriar pre-authorizes either a deposit or the full amount, depending on how close to the departure date the booking is made. A pre-authorization is NOT a charge as your credit card company locks that value for use for your booking request with Touriar. If a booking can't be confirmed (i.e. it's declined) then the pre-authorization will be automatically cancelled by Touriar. The speed of releasing the pre-authorization depends on how fast your bank processes refunds but from our experience this can take anywhere from 3-7 business days. If you have any questions about pre-authorization, we suggest you contact your credit card provider as every bank is different.
The cancellation policy can vary depending on the tour operator, to see the cancellation policy please see 'Terms & Conditions' on the website.
We are sorry to hear you need to cancel your hold request but we understand circumstances can change. To cancel your hold request, click 'Cancel Booking' on your booking page.
As a tour booking website, Touriar cannot organize visas for you on your behalf as the visa requirements are regularly being updated and vary for the nationality of one traveler to the next. It is for this reason that we recommend checking with your local embassy or consulate website for the latest up to date information or visit the tour operator website if visa would be included.
If you would like an invitation letter, we can request this from the tour operator, provided you have made payment for the tour and your booking has been confirmed
Travel insurance is often mandatory for travelers joining a group tour however it does depend on the tour company you are travelling with. Insurance can cover the cost of your airfare, as well as your tour(s) in the case of unforeseen cancellation. It ensures that you do not have to worry about any unplanned changes to your travel plans, such as having to rush home to an ill family member or having a tour changed or cancelled because of a natural disaster. It can even help with smaller things - like lost luggage or stolen cameras. When considering which policy is best for you, you may also want to consider what coverage they provide if you have to cancel your booking or if anything happens whilst on tour.
Taking a group tour is a safer way to travel as your tour company will know the best and safest ways to navigate the destination you are travelling to. Being in a group also means you have some 'back up' when travelling and will not be caught out alone in dangerous situations.
Travel Insurance is not included in the tours.
In order to add/edit a logo, please:
1. Go to your Touriar Operator Dashboard.
2. On the top right-hand corner click on your company name and logo to access the drop-down menu where you will select Profile
3. Click on the second tab named 'Operator'
4. Next to your logo the button 'Change logo'. Select your logo and take care that the image has a good resolution (400px*400px minimum).
Your phone number should always be displayed in the international format i.e. +617xxxxxxxx. This ensures that both domestic and international travelers will be able to dial your number regardless of what region of the world they are in.
1. Login to your Operator Dashboard
2. Click on the "my profile" item on the top left corner of the page
3. Here you can edit everything from contact information to company profile description
1. Login to your Operator Dashboard.
2. Click on the "my profile" item on the top left corner of the page.
3. One of those sections there is referred to your password.
4. After confirming your new password you should click on the save item on the top left corner of that page.
Go to the Touriar website homepage ( and type in your company name in the search box.
By referring to your operator dashboard, you are able to add common questions and answers by clicking on booking section among the items on the right-hand menu. then you should hit the "Common Question Categorizing" button.
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a law that was passed by the European Union (EU) relating to data security and privacy for all citizens of the EU. The law comes into effect on May 25th, 2018. Amongst other things, the law covers:
The obligations of companies based in the EU or who receive data from EU citizens;
The rights of EU citizens with relation to the data they share Actions Touriar has taken to become GDPR-compliant Touriar has sought and acted upon advice from external legal advisors, our investment board and GDPR specialists to ensure we comply with the provisions of the GDPR framework. In the time since the law was adopted in April 2016, Touriar has taken a whole range of steps to align with the requirements of the law, including but not limited to:
Full encryption of all data storage areas Implementation of advanced intrusion detection Addition of dual-factor authentication for Touriar's infrastructure access Creation of appropriate customer consent workflows for collecting and using personal data Documentation of processes and policies for data handling Actions Tour Operators must take to become GDPR-compliant The GDPR introduces the concepts of a 'Data Controller' (organization who originally receives the data from a customer) and a 'Data Processor' (organization engaged by the Data Controller to provide a good or service for the customer). For all bookings processed via the Touriar platform, Touriar can be considered the 'Data Controller' and each tour operator the 'Data Processor'. In some cases, you might also be considered a 'Data Controller' in which case you need to ensure that you also comply with GDPR regulations as a controller. This relationship involving the sharing of customer data for the purpose of providing their requested services implies some actions and responsibilities. The GDPR enshrines the right for a customer to request to be forgotten (have their personal data removed from systems). If a customer of Touriar were to make such a request, then the tour operators providing the services need to work with us to comply with the customer request. If a tour operator becomes aware of a data breach of their systems which could have exposed personal data of Touriar customers, there is a requirement to inform Touriar of this breach in a meaningful timeframe. Without explicit consent from the customer and Touriar, GDPR legislative framework prohibits the sharing of a customer's personal data with any 3rd parties not required for the provision of the services requested. All Tour Operators with Tours listed on the Touriar website (Marketplace) are required to agree to a ‘Processor and Non-Disclosure Agreement’. Understanding and agreeing to the points in this document is a legal requirement for all companies in response to laws passed by the European Union.
Due to the large volume of applications we are currently receiving, we are only able to respond to applications that have successfully passed our initial screening process. If your application is accepted you will be contacted by a member of the Touriar Business Development Team.
Thank you for your interest in working with us, Touriar works with professional tour operators running multiple day group tours with set departure dates. Our Marketplace and tools are suited exclusively for tours with ready-to-book itineraries. If you operate such tours and would like to jump on board, please head straight to our operator application page at Touriar website and follow the steps. Please note due to the large volume of applications we are currently receiving, it can take up to a week to review your application.
Once the application has been approved by the Business Development Team, we will get in touch with you and follow the steps below.
1. Updating your Tours. Touriar will be able to automatically update your information every 24 hours. If you haven't yet harnessed the time savings of this technology, then you can update your tours manually by logging in to your Operator Dashboard.
2. Updating your Profile On the top right of the Operator Dashboard, you will see your company name, click this and choose 'Profile'.
3. Your tours will go live After informing the Business Development Team that you completed all the content of your tours, we will review the information and it's all good, we'll switch your tours live on Touriar
4. Getting your Familiar with Touriar We will then proceed to a test booking together in order to get you familiar with the Booking Conversation Page (BCP).
If your application has not yet been approved and you need assistance or to flag a technical bug during the application process, or if your application has been approved and you are unclear on the next steps, or if you are looking for assistance in regards to individual bookings, cancellations or refunds, or support on the booking conversation page, please email us.
If you happen to stumble across something that technically isn't right (opposed to human error), we'd love to know. Because everyone uses different types of computers, software's' and internet browsers, it's important that you follow these steps so our Tech Team can investigate further:
1. Go to support details on Touriar website
2. Then send an email to us (for the onboarding process), manager telling us exactly what the issue is that you are experiencing and if possible, attach screenshot/s so that we can see what you are seeing and Our Business Development Team will reply to you once the issue has been discussed with our Tech Team.
We'll soon no longer work with Facebook Apps, for more information please reach out to your Business Development Manager at Touriar.
1. Sign in to the Operator Dashboard
2. Go to the "Tours" tab at the top of the screen, click "Add Tour"
3. Fill in all the necessary tour information. In the "Details" section you will need to include: - the tour name - listing status (this needs to be set to 'live' for customers to be able to book this on Touriar) - Duration - Tour type - A link to the tour on your own website - Solo travelers should pay a single supplement - A short description of the tour.
4. Fill the Itinerary. First, add a general explanation and then add the tour's route, it will need to be input by city/place - A full description of the tour with a day by day itinerary (hit the 'New item' button at the top of the page to add a new day) and selected the destination and the picture(s) visited every day - Hit the "Save" button.
5. Click the "Photos" tab to upload photos. You can include multiple photos. The more photos you have, the better your tour will look!
6. Click the "date list" tab to add dates and prices: - Click the "Add" button to choose dates from a calendar. Finally, hit the blue "Save" button
7. Click the "What's included" tab to choose a section from the drop-down menu to add: - accommodation - flights - guide - meals - insurance - optional - other included - transport Click next to each section whether this in 'included' or 'visible' in the tour price. Put as many information as possible there, it will avoid you to have answer to too many basic questions. At the end, hit the "Save" button.
8. Click the "Tour Properties". Select in which a suit travel style. Select a difficulty level, max group size and suitable for age range, and the price. Check the related adjusted boxes in the category to describe the properties of your tour package. As usual, don't forget to click on "Save".
- Always remember to click the "Save" button at the end.
You can manually add tours via the Operator Dashboard. If you do choose to do this manually, keep in mind that you will need to ensure that availability and pricing is kept up to date.
1. Sign in to the Operator Dashboard
2. Go to the 'Tours' tab, select the tour you wish to edit
3. Choose the 'Tour Properties' tab on the right hand of the tour screen
4. Choose the most appropriate options for the tour from Main Travel Style, to All Inclusive, Main service(s), etc. sectors.
8. Click on "Save Properties"
For the Touriar marketplace can take up to 24 hours.
It is important to always indicate if there are any Add-on cost for a certain tour. You can do it by referring to additional services to add additional things.
It is not possible to sell your tours on Touriar without listing the departure dates, prices and availability for your tours. The Operator Dashboard allows you to multi-select as many dates as you want to add price and availability in one go across multiple departures dates.
1. Log in to the Operator Dashboard
2. Select the tour you wish to update
3. Go to the 'Date List' tab
4. Click 'Add new'
5. Choose all the dates you wish to add (it is possible to select them over multiple months as well)
6. Add the availability, departure type ('guaranteed', 'on request' etc.) and the relevant prices by room type.
7. SAVE.
1. Sign in to the Operator Dashboard.
2. Select the tour you wish to edit or add photos to.
3. Click the "Photos" tab. Hit the "choose file" button to upload photos and then hit "Save Photos".
Note: For an optimal presentation of your tours, make sure all photos uploaded are horizontal, otherwise they'll be cropped to fit the page. Touriar also requires photos to be a minimum of 750x400 pixels, but the bigger the better!
On the Touriar webpage, Search Result Pages (SERPs) in the left-hand menu, you will find a category called Max Group Size. When a user selects this, this will refine the results that appear in the SERPs based on the selection you make i.e. if you select Max Group Size = 5 this means that it will show the user any group tour where the group size is no greater than 5 people. To take advantage of this feature you should check each of your tours listings which can be done by following these tips: * Go to your Operator Dashboard * Go to 'Tours' tab * Select one of your tours * Go to the 'Properties' section of that tour * you see the Max Group Size field * In this field enter the approx. Max Group Size (enter 0 if it's not applicable) * make sure you click the Save button at the bottom of the page
The map is there to show the route for a specific tour.
To edit the route:
1. Sign in to the Operator Dashboard
2. Go to the "Tours" tab at the top of the screen, select the tour you wish to edit
3. Choose the "Tour Places" section and add all the destinations visited in the box in the order they will be visited.
4. Hit the "Save" button
* Note: If a certain destination doesn't show up for some reason please contact your local BDM
* If a trip only has ONE destination - Enter few times the same city name in order to show the map
As soon as you update your information in your Dashboard, this update is pushed out to the following:
- Touriar's Facebook Apps
- Touriar's Affiliate Network
- Travel Agents using Touriar's Apps
- Tourism Organizations using Touriar's Apps
1. Sign in to the Operator Dashboard
2. Go to the 'Tours' tab at the top of the screen, select the tour you wish to edit
3. Go to the 'Tour Properties' tab on the right hand of the tour screen
4. Choose the most appropriate options for the tour from Main Travel Style, Secondary Travel Style, price, What's Included, Tour Services, etc.
5. Enter in the 'Maximum group size' and 'Suitable for ages' for your tour
6. Although your tour may be suitable for a wide range of ages, choose which category you would recommend your tour for from the available tick boxes
7. Click on "Save Properties"
Log in to the Operator Dashboard
Go to the "Tours" tab at the top of the screen
Select the tour you wish to edit
Select the "Pricing & Availability" tab
Select the departure dates you wish to edit and click "Edit x Departures"
You can choose to edit the availability, the pricing & accommodation types or/and the add-ons on the selected departure dates.
You can also delete all the selected departure dates.
Live tours are shown on the website. Paused tours are not shown on the website, however you will still have access to all previous data captured in relation to this tour from your Operator Dashboard.
You have the ability to set a tour to 'live' or 'pause' by:
1. Sign in to the Operator Dashboard
2. Select the tour you wish to change
3. In the "Details" section, choose "Tour is paused " by clicking the "Tour Status"-button
4. To make a tour "Live" again, repeat the same process above except this time choose "Tour is live"
5. Click the "Save tour" button at the end. Note: Your tour can take a couple of hours to adapt to the change.
Pausing a tour doesn't mean the tour is deleted, it simply means it won't be accessible to our customers.
1. Sign in to the Operator Dashboard
2. Select a tour you want to edit
3. Click the "What's Included" tab
4. Select a section (example: accommodation
) 5. Type the details and condition for each section.
6. Repeat steps 4 & 5 for all the sections you wish to add
7. Click "Save Inclusions"
* Note: If you would like to specify an item that is not included (for example, flights) simply not to check the "active" box at the bottom of the sections, otherwise you should check it.
You are unable to permanently delete a tour without contacting the Touriar Support Team. You are however able to 'Pause' a tour which means it won't appear on Touriar website (Pausing a tour is not the same as deleting a tour) *Note: The reason why we don't allow you to delete tours is because quite often there are statistics and bookings attached to each tour.
Love it or hate it, foreign currencies change all the time. So, it is no surprise that this is the part that most Operators find the trickiest when adding or editing a tour. You only need to add one price into one currency field. If you do this, Touriar converts this price to the other currencies based on the current exchange rate of the day (the exchange rates are updated daily and are based on official and standard sources). However, for those businesses that quote prices in multiple currencies, you are able to specify those as well (instead of using an exchange rate) to ensure the exact value for that currency is being displayed. Customers can book tours in USD currencie in our online marketplace. Whilst the customer will pay Touriar in USD$, Touriar will pay you (the tour operator) in your local currency.
Yes, statistics show that Operators with more reviews receive more bookings. Reviews add an extra layer of trust, so it is highly recommended that you encourage your customers to leave you reviews. These reviews are not restricted to just your Touriar customers - anyone who has joined your tour is welcome to leave their review!
It is crucial for your business to actively capture feedback from your customers! There are loads of ways to get your customers to leave you reviews. Here are a few of our suggestions:
a. Email your past customers a review invite using the 'Get Reviews' link from your Operator Dashboard and ask them to write a review
b. Post a message to your Facebook Page Wall and ask customers to write reviews with the link to your Touriar reviews page
c. Buy an internet-enabled iPad & get your staff to ask your customers to write a review at the end of each tour right then and there. Even better, if your guides are in the annual Touriar 'Guide of the Year' competition, they could be in the running for the first prize.
d. Install the free Touriar Reviews Widget to your Website. This allows visitors to your own site to see reviews left on Touriar (of your tours), and also provides an option for people on your website to leave a review about a tour they have done with you.
e. Get your guides involved! You can involve your guides in the reviews collecting process by creating a guide profile on Touriar. That will allow them after every tour that they guided, to send a link to their travelers. Remember that the ranking on Touriar is depending on the reviews. More reviews you've got higher you'll appear on the results!
1. Login to your Operator Dashboard
2. Go to Reviews
3. Choose the review you want to reply to and type your response in the 'your comment' box
5. Click the 'add comment' button.
Your reply/comment will be featured with the review.
The Operator Dashboard gives you the ability to filter your reviews by the following criteria:
* Tour Name
* With / without a comment
* Review created date
* Tour departed date
* Star rating
It is not possible to add reviews manually to the Touriar review platform. To maintain the integrity of the reviews displayed it is only possible to submit a review with a valid Facebook Profile; Google+ Profile; or a verified email address. *Note: You must never impersonate a customer. If you do, these reviews will be removed from Touriar and you risk your Account being suspended. Touriar has a zero tolerance for fake reviews.
The PAX can leave a review on any tour that has been added into Touriar. However, you will need to have an active membership with Touriar for your tours to appear.
Before a review about your tour will appear in Touriar, we first perform checks which include: 1. If the review has been written by a Pax with their email address or their Social Networking Profile (Facebook or Google+), the Pax must first click a link in a verification email we send to them immediately after they have written the review. If that link is not clicked then the review will not appear. 2. If the review contains inappropriate language then the review will be held in a moderation queue until we've reviewed the comments These steps are performed to ensure that only verified reviews appear about your tours.
You can't delete a review. If you wish to report a fake review you have to reach out to your Business Development Manager at Touriar. We will double check the validity of the review and remove if proven to be fake.
From your Operator Dashboard, you can now email your past travelers, so they can leave a review on Touriar. Remember you can send this link to all of your past travelers - not just your Touriar customers!
You can add video link(s) to your tours through the Operator Dashboard.
To upload videos to your pages:
1.Sign in to the Operator Dashboard
2.Choose the package you want it to be edited
3.Click on the ‘tour videos’ button on the left above
4.Give your video a title (this can be the same as the YouTube title you’ve given your video, or something more specific if you’d like)
5.Copy and paste the html embed code from YouTube for your video into the text box
6.Click "Save video"
Touriar does not take payment to get your tours further up in the search pages, our ranking is based solely on organic traffic. There are several factors which contribute to tour ranking in the search results pages:
Departure Dates & Availability - Having up-to-date availability and prices is essential when it comes to your tour's ranking. Tours with limited or no availability or departures listed for upcoming departures will show lower in search results pages, so make sure you're keeping your departure dates and availability up-to-date at all time on all tours. Do your tours depart every day? Make sure you enter every day into your Operator Dashboard to maximize your potential exposure!
Content - Content on tour pages is a big factor, so it is important to have all elements completed and as detailed as possible. Make sure your tour has a clear and detailed Itinerary, a comprehensive 'What’s Included' section, a list of destinations the tour visits, and a selection of high-quality images. In your Touriar Operator Dashboard, tab 'Tours' we are showing the 'Content status'(on the right of the screen) for each of your tours. The red dots are showing on what you should work to optimize the appearance of your tours.
Reviews - Reviews are one of the most important factors when it comes to your ranking on the Touriar search pages. The more reviews you collect, the higher up your trip will appear in the search. Encourage your travelers to leave reviews, include ratings, and post photos. Tours that have a good selection of recent reviews will see more traffic and more conversions to bookings and be ranked higher in the marketplace search results.
Response Rate - Each operator has a specific response rate displayed which is based on how quickly customer enquiries and booking requests are responded to. Staying in touch with potential customers and having a timely response rate will also contribute to your ranking on Touriar.
Confirmed Bookings - The more confirmed bookings you have for a given tour, the higher up that tour will appear in the search pages
Confirmed a Booking? Great!
The next step is making sure you invoice Touriar for the net amount i.e. booking value minus Touriar Service Fee. If you are unsure what your Touriar Service Fee is, please refer to your contract. This will ensure Touriar can wire the funds to your bank account on the 5th business day of the next calendar month AFTER the Pax's departure date.
Important things to note:
* one invoice is required for each booking
* the date of the invoice must be the date the booking was confirmed
* the invoice must be emailed to Touriar email address.
* the invoice must be emailed within 48 hours of confirming.
Reverse Charge - Transfer of tax liability to the recipient
Your invoice must also contain:
* the name of the tour booked
* the Touriar booking ID
* your PayPal email address OR bank account details including the BIC/SWIFT, IBAN or relevant account number
Note: For Payouts over €1,000 the Booking Platform will pay their bank’s fee associated with the Payout and the Operator will pay their bank’s fee associated with the Payout. For Payouts under €1,000 the Operator will pay all bank fees associated with the Payout however the Operator may choose to defer Payout until a future date when the Payout exceeds €1,000.
Touriar charges (you, the Operator) a base commission fee and/or a processing fee on each confirmed booking. Bookings generated from the Touriar Marketplace are charged at a different rate to bookings generated from Touriar's optional Book & Pay Button. To figure out your current commission rate please contact your Business Development Manager at Touriar. Note: Touriar does not charge consumers a booking or credit card fee.
Touriar doesn't charge commission on Local Payments or Food Funds. Please make sure that your invoice to Touriar makes that clear for our Finance Team.
Touriar charges the deposit and balance of the payment; or the full payment from the customer once the booking has been confirmed.
Generally, payout occurs by the 5th business day of the next calendar month after the tour's departure date as long as our Finance Team have received your invoice/s within 48 hours of your Team confirming a booking.
1. You receive a cancellation from the customer (or you need to cancel a tour)
2. You should process the cancellation of the tour in your internal system
3. You should notify the customer via the Touriar Booking Page of the cancellation and the charges associated within cancellation (*Charges are defined in the T&C's of your tour)
4. Send an email to Touriar to notify us of the cancellation and include an updated invoice that shows the exact amount owed to you
5. Touriar will arrange for a refund to the customer's account within 3-7 business days and we will also advise the customer in their booking page once this has been successfully processed
you have to pay nothing. We understand that things can happen, and you may be required to cancel a tour for certain reasons.
The Tour of the Year Awards are based on the reviews one specific tour receives throughout the year. The tour with the best quality feedback from travelers is awarded the Tour of the Year Award. This award is based on the Touriar algorithm which takes into account not just the quantity of reviews, but the quality of reviews. The algorithm also takes into account the length of reviews, photos submitted, helpfulness, star ratings and a few other 'secret sauce' elements. We equalize the algorithm to account for length of tour, frequency of departures and size of company to make the awards accessible to all tour operators. As a result, Touriar presents the tour of the year award based purely on travelers' feedback.
The Travelers' Choice recognition is awarded at an operator level. The Travelers' Choice award is based upon a tour operator's overall performance and customer feedback across all tours. It recognizes those tour operators with high star ratings, excellent reviews, high NPS scores, quality of reviews on site, engagement with Touriar tools and overall customer feedback and experience.
There are 3 tiers that a tour operator can achieve to be recognized as a Travelers' Choice brand.
Platinum: Consistent ratings above 4.5 stars and reviews present on majority of tours listed
Gold: An average of all tour ratings 4 stars and above, and reviews on over 20% of tours listed on site
Festivals: Operator has received overall highest and most consistent feedback for a specific festival
The Guide of the Year award is based on the reviews a tour guide receives throughout the year. It is awarded based on the quality of reviews, not quantity. The Touriar algorithm used to find the Guide of the Year takes into account the length of reviews, quality of reviews, length of tours, size of company, number of departures, photographs added and a number of 'secret sauce' elements to equalize across all brands. The winner is determined based on these elements.


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