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Iran is considered one of the most successful countries in offering cosmetic and medical treatments. The country is known as the ‘nose job capital of the world’ for the great number of nose surgeries performed in the country. Modern hospitals and clinics with advanced technologies, coupled with experienced doctors and surgeons have put Iran in the spotlight of the medical world

Travel To Iran

An authentic trip to the land of civilizations
With this in-depth cultural tour

Secret of ancient Persia


Travel To Iran

See amazing forest of Iran
Discovery Tour

A History Surrounded By Nature


Travel To Iran

Climbing Iran’s highest mountain
See blue sky from a nice view in the mountain

Climbing Damavand Mountain


Travel To Iran

Get familiar with desert life and the engineering of Qanats
Visit cities like Yazd and Isfahan

The Neighbors of the Desert


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Best Price Guarantee ,Safely book online ,No Cancellation Fee ,Touriar does not charge any additional cancellation fees. You can cancel the tour up to 65 days prior to the departure date. As an added benefit though

Travel To Iran

Experience ski in Alborz Mountains
For both beginners and professionals

Skiing in Dizin


Travel To Iran

For those who want to see different things in Iran
Join nomad family and experiencing their life

Nomads' Migration


Travel To Iran

Watch the gorgeous sunset
in Persian Gulf

From South Islands to the Center


Travel To Iran

Step on traces of ancient
Silk Road merchants

Traces of Ancient Merchants in Iran


Travel To Iran

Best Services
Affordable Costs

Dental Laminate In Tehran


Travel To Iran

Special Medical Care
VIP Services

Cataract Surgery in Tehran


Travel To Iran

Premium Health Care
Affordable Costs

Nose Job In Tehran


Travel To Iran

Arthroscopy Package
Affordable Costs

Gastric Sleeve In Tehran


Real Life Experiences

What is travel but a search for something that can’t be Googled? We love the highlights, but the real magic for us happens well away from a beaten path. It’s the little noodle bars, hidden galleries and backstreet bodegas and real life experiences you won’t find in a search engine.

With great travel comes great responsibility

The world’s a pretty amazing place, and we want to do our bit to keep it that way. And all it takes is a little dash of self-awareness, a slightly softer tread. Sustainable travel doesn’t mean no fun. It means that fun can be used to benefit others. Respect.

Connected By Travel

The beauty of small group travel isn’t just new places, it’s new perspectives. It’s the stories you hear and the friendships you forge, the ones that stick around long after the tan has faded. Our travellers come from all walks of life; what unites them is where they’re going.

Adventure should be for everyone

Age, pillow preference, budget, travelling solo or together – it doesn’t matter where you’re from, what matters is where you’d like to go. Our mission is to deliver the best travel experiences to anyone who’s up for them. So no matter if you favour a soft landing or a wild take-off, Intrepid stands for you.

Travel works best when it's balanced

Time is your most precious resource, especially on a holiday. That’s why our trips are built with balance in mind. A little group time, a little you time – the way it should be. And because our tours have an average of just 10 people, there’s more of the world to go round.

Our leaders are the greatest

We realised early on that the best folks to show you the heart of a destination are, funnily enough, the ones that live there. These are our leaders: travel experts and friendly locals who know their countries back to front, from every backstreet bar to every hidden gallery. They’re the big, smiling face of Intrepid (and we couldn’t be prouder).

Destinations and Experiences

Top Most Beautiful Places in Persia You Must Visit Before You Leave Iran Take a look at our top places to visit in Iran


Iran tours, sightseeing tours, activities & things to do – Touriar tour packages offer you opportunity to explore one of the world’s oldest civilisations, with rich culture, history and magnificent natural landscapes.

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Travel To Iran

Iran Visa


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We are a team of experienced tour specialists who have travelled to hundreds of countries around the globe. Our online Customer Support team brings years of professional expertise in the travel industry, and can assist with all of your tour-related questions.

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